All Kerala Senior Citizens Athletic Meet - Rules and Regulations

1. Qualification for entry:

- Participants must have completed a minimum age of 60 years by December 31st, 2023.

- Each participant is allowed to compete in a maximum of three events within their age-group.

2. Event Categories and Age Groups:

- Participants can choose from throws, track events, and jumps.

- Events will be categorized based on age groups in 5-year increments. A completed year is calculated with reference to 31st December 2023. Such as 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80+, 90+

3. District Codes

- Each district will have a specific code starting from 1 to 14..

- The District code will be such as Thiruvananthapuram (1), Kollam (2), Pathanamthitta (3), Alappuzha (4), Kottayam (5), Idukki (6), Ernakulam (7), Thrissur (8), Palakkad (9), Malappuram (10), Wayanad (11), Kozhikode (12), Kannur (13, Kasargod (14)

4. Event Selection:

- Participants must select their preferred events during the registration process.

- The maximum of three events can be chosen based on availability, location, and the scheduled time.

5. Registration Fees:

There is no registration fee for senior athletes above the age of completed 60 years as on 31st December 2023

6. Entry Deadline:

Entry Deadline is on 31st December 2023 midnight 12 AM

7. Online Entry Procedure:

Online entry will be possible through the website from 1st of January to 3rd January 5PM

8. Paper Entry Procedure

Spot registration is not allowed - However, it may be allowed if request for consideration is provided to the organising secretary in writing with all required ID cards. However, consideration is to be decided by the Organising Committee and the decision will be final.

9. Member Requirements

Government issued identity cards or documents proving name, date of birth and Address are the primary requirement.

10. Equipment:

- Participants are responsible for bringing their own equipment, such as appropriate shoes, for their chosen events.

- The organizers will provide necessary equipment for throws events.

11. Safety Precautions:

- All participants must adhere to safety guidelines provided by event officials.

- Proper warm-up and cool-down routines are recommended.

12. Code of Conduct:

- Participants are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner.

- Respect for fellow participants, event officials, and spectators is mandatory.

13. Disqualification:

- Failure to comply with event rules may result in disqualification.

- Unsportsmanlike behavior, use of unfair practices, or violation of any rules will not be tolerated.

14. Medical Conditions:

- Participants must inform event organizers of any medical conditions that may affect their ability to safely participate.

- Emergency medical personnel will be available on-site.

15. Event Schedule:

- Participants must arrive at least 30 minutes before their scheduled events.

- The schedule is subject to change, and participants will be notified of any adjustments.

16. Photography and Media:

- Participants grant permission for the use of their likeness in event-related media coverage.

17. Liability Waiver:

- Participants must sign the provided liability waiver, releasing event organizers from any claims or liabilities.

18. Event Officials:

- Participants must follow the instructions of event officials at all times.

19. Results and Awards:

- Results will be announced at the end of each event category.

- Awards will be presented to top performers in each age-group category.